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As a Jazz Camp musician you also can attend our daily improvisation workshop taught by Jerry Bergonzi. Jerry Bergonzi is a world renowned tenor saxophonist and has written 6 books on jazz improv applicable to ALL instruments. His books include, Melodic Structures, Pentatonic Scales, BeBopScales and Jazz Rhythms.

In 2018 we will also be offering workshops taught by Douglas Johnson. Doug Johnson is Associate Professor of Piano at Berklee College of music and is also on the faculty at Wellesley College. He has done workshops at the University of Vienna, the Vienna Music Institute, the Krakow Jazz Academy, the Freiburg Rock and Jazz Hochschule and the AmSAT National Convention and has upcoming presentations at the Performing Arts Medicine Association National Conference (PAMA), Wellesley College and the University of Vienna.

Workshops offered by Jerry Bergonzi:

Melodic Structures
A simple and pragmatic approach to improvisation. While focusing on the jazz idiom, the techniques discussed are applicable to many styles of music and all instruments, be it rock guitar, jazz saxophone, or the solos of the fusion keyboardist. The system presented in this workshop offers a tangible pathway to inside the creative imagination by getting inside harmony, inside the changes

Melodic Rhythms
Time and rhythm are king! Number one! We are constantly aware of this fact when we are playing or listening to improvised music. All notes seem to sound good when they are played with good time. Even melodies that use wrong notes sound good when played with good time. What often packages a good time feel are the rhythms a particular artist chooses to use. This workshop hopefully lends some insight into practicing and playing creative rhythms in a melodic way.

Developing a Jazz Language
Learning a language requires listening on many levels to the meanings, the sounds, the intentions, and the inflections or nuances of the language. The first part of this workshop focuses on learning the language of jazz focus on the prerequisites of chord scales, approach notes to chord tones and target notes, scale motifs and sequences, and lines.Part two qualifies improvisational techniques into three areas; melodic, harmonic and sonic (rhythmic devices are the focus of Vol. IV, Melodic Rhythms) and it is designed as a menu of soloing devices from which you can select your personal course of study.Over 100 specific devices are discussed and conceptualized so as to give the improviser more depth of expression and a greater well from which to draw ideas. Among the numerous topics presented are: guide tones, voice leading, chord substitutions, three tonic system for composition, tritonics, hexatonics, tonal expansions, whole tone playing, augmented symmetric scales, double diminished scales, limited range and large range playing, shapes, blues melodies, accents, comping as a soloing device, common tones, articulations and much more…!

Workshops offered by Douglas Johnson:

Body Awareness and Playing Jazz!

Balance: This workshop focuses on balance.  Most people are chronically out of balance. This workshop can be very helpful for people in the short-term and it also sets up a framework to do other more specific work (arms, hands, breathing/drummers, pianists, trumpet players). This basic information can help you play with more fluency and  deal with issues of pain or injury.

Awareness: This tends to be very eye-opening for people.  It is a model of Inclusive Awareness.

Master class/your instrument and applying the lessons learned: In this workshop you will work with Doug and your  instrument in a master-class setting.

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