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Jazz Guitar at Jazz Camp

Jazz Guitar at Jazz Camp

“Old friends, and non-judgemental.”

– Ron Parker, Byrn Mawr, PA

Jazz Camp is not only a guitar camp. It’s a Band Camp for Grownups. This year our band directors will lead 8 different bands (3 big bands, 3 nine piece bands and 2 combos). As a guitar participant, you will be assigned to one of these bands. You will rehearse along with everyone else in your band 5-6 hours a day, attend improvisation or guitar workshops in the afternoon and rehearse with your rhythm section for an hour before dinner.Each evening of Jazz Camp there is a concert of some type. There are informal Jam Sessions on Sunday and Monday nights. The Staff Concert is Tuesday. Wednesday night we enjoy the Guest Artist Concert. Finally, on Thursday night each of our bands performs in a concert which is open to the public.Jazz guitarist, Ben Sher will be in residence and teaching master classes in the afternoon. Ben is a unique jazz guitarist. Fluent in the classic jazz tradition of Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, and George Benson, Ben also draws from the rich Brazilian guitar tradition of Baden Powell, Raphael Rabello and Joao Gilberto. Ben combines standard jazz plectrum technique, with classical finger style to create a wide range of sounds and textures.

Ben’s unique blend of American jazz and Brazilian styles has made him one of the leading educators and performers in jazz guitar today. A 14 year veteran of the New York music scene, he received his B.A. in Music from Carnegie Mellon University while studying with the great Brazilian classical guitarist Carlos Barbosa-Lima. He received a Masters in jazz studies from the New England Conservatory.

Jazz Camp is happy to have Ben as a member of its staff.

Guitar Intro

Master Workshops at Jazz Camp

  1. Fretboard Harmony and the Blues.
    We’ve got to start with a blues right? It’s the common denominator no matter what level or style you’re playing is at. From there once we get to know each other I will present my unique approach to arpeggios and scales combining the vertical diagonal approach of Pat Martino with the more traditional horizontal approach. We’ll look at the modes from a new perspective, based on George Russell’s concept of tonal gravity.
  2. Jazz voice-leading.
    In this class, I will begin with a presentation of the underlying foundation on which ll/V/l chord motion is based. Then “comping” styles from Freddy Green to Kenny Burrell and beyond will be discussed. In the second half of this class we will begin to explore jazz soloing based on principles of voice leading.
  3. Jazz soloing.
    Building on the previous class, we’ll look at some of the melodic devices that are used to build jazz lines: chromatic ornamentation, diatonic and chromatic sequences, and arpeggios. I’ll be discussing some ideas that I learned from Barry Harris on freeing up my harmonic language.
  4. Introduction to Brazilian and Latin styles.
    Samba, bossa-nova, montuno- the basics!

Special First Timer Pricing for Guitarists.

First time guitarists at Jazz Camp can attend for $1,299.00 (musician shared room), $1,549.00 (musician private room) or $999.00 (musician commuter*) at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick, RI. Regular price for a shared room is $1,399.00. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions and applies to first time guitarists only.

Special offer expires 12/31/2018 and is subject to availability.

* Commuter price includes the program, breaks and dinner. It does not include breakfast or lodging.