New Students


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How much playing experience must I have?

A. The Jazz Camp music book is aimed at the intermediate and intermediate/advanced player. You will be expected to be able to sight read the Glen Miller, Count Basie, Stan Kenton and other contemporary charts that are in the book. It is not necessary that you have experience in jazz improvisation. The selection of music for the week will accommodate the expertise of the Jazz Camp guest.

Q. Do I need to bring my own equipment?

A. Yes. All band members will be expected to bring their own musical instruments. There will, however, be a piano on the premesis for use by the pianist. A drum set, piano or double bass will be available to rent upon request (Please inquire about pricing)

Q. About how many people attend Jazz Camp every year?

A. About 70 participants and 30 non-participants.  There will be 6 bands, 3 big bands and 3 smaller bands.

Q. Will there be more than one player for each instrument in the rhythm section?

A. No. You will be the only one playing.

Q. Where is Jazz Camp held?

A. This year Jazz Camp will be located at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at the Crossings in beautiful Warwick, Rhode Island.

Q. Will the Jazz Camp big band do vocals?

A. Yes. The band is selecting materials which will be appropriate for a vocalist. If a vocalist signs on, we’ll do vocals.

Q. Will I be able to bring my spouse or friend to the workshop?

A. Yes. There is a limited amount of space available for family members and friends on a first come/first serve basis. Each year 1/2 of the participants bring someone. There are a wide variety of great activities including:

  • Water color painting classes
  • Trips to outlet malls
  • Yoga
  • Swimming and much more!

Q. What’s included?

A. Breakfast, dinner, breaks, lodging and the program.

Q. What’s not included?

A. Lunch, private lessons-if any, alcohol and dvd’s of the program are not included.